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China Meat Research Center(CMRC)

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China Meat Research Center(CMRC)is a national specialized meat research institution located in the southern part of Beijing. It covers 20,000 square meters with 12,000 square meters in floor space,and has a staff of 153, including 85 technical persons.

CMRC’s tasks include practical and basic researches of meat processing, development of new products and new processing techniques; quality supervision and testing of meat and meat products, exchange of information, and training of technical and managerial personnel engaged in meat industry. As a training facility, CMRC also provides quality office building and accommodation services.

CMRC is strong in technical capacity, with more than 1,000 advanced instruments and equipment for scientific research, quality control and meat processing, and a staff with rich theoretical and practical experience. Since its founding, the Center has constantly undertaken about 300 projects assigned by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Beijing Government and Beijing Er Shang Group, etc. It has made 44 affirmed achievements, won 28 Science and Technology Advancement Awards and published 318 theses in China and abroad. It has conducted research on such subjects of meat ultra-structures,flavor, fermented hams,co-extrusion, sausages, etc., in order to fill existing needs in China. It has developed 120 lines of meat products and spread technologies to 230 enterprises in 25 provinces and municipalities. It has played an active role in improving the scientific research level of China's meat industry, propelling technological progress, enriching meat products, enhancing the market image of meat food, and increasing profitability of meat industry.

Approved by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and State Environmental Protection Administration, CMRC also functions as the State Quality Supervision & Test Center for Meats and Meat Products and the Environmental Assessment Center. To facilitate Information exchanges, CMRC publishes a large number of monographs on meat science and processing techniques in addition to the Meat Research Journal.

■ Add: China Meat Research Center, 70 Yangqiao, Fengtai District, 100068,Beijing,P.R.China

   Contact: Mr. Wang Xueping

   Tel: 0086-10- 67264746

   Fax: 0086-10- 87293157

   E-mail: wxpcmr@163.com

   Web: www.cmrc.com.cn

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