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Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Exchange Center with Foreign Countries (FSTEC)

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Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Exchange Center with Foreign Countries (FSTEC), founded in 1984, is a public institution directly subordinate to Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the only organization undertake the foreign affairs in S&T field in Fujian. Through organizing a variety of international S&T activities of cooperation and exchanges, undertake the extended tasks of S&T foreign affairs from related government sectors to provide support for the “Global Strategy” of Fujian Province, promote interactions between the tech and industrial communities in Fujian and their foreign counterparts and improve the independent innovation capability so as to drive the economic development in Fujian.

South-South cooperation, a very important component of international cooperation, as one of the main directions for external S&T exchange in Fujian province, has been attached great importance by FSTEC. In recent years, FSTEC has held many activities, such as South-South Cooperation forums, seminars, foreign-aid training workshops and so on. FSTEC has organized the enterprises to apply and undertake the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) project and Perez-Guerrero Trust Fund (PGTF) project successfully, which accumulated rich experience for South-South Cooperation.

Our guidelines

Innovative - to extend fields of International S&T cooperation and exchange with innovative awareness

Practical- to carry out International S&T cooperation and exchange activities with down to earth attitude

Professional- to provide professional service for International S&T cooperation and exchange

Our aims

Provide “Two” Services: Support Service for Foreign Affairs in S&T Field; Public Welfare Service for S&T Innovation for the Enterprises

Establish “Two” Platforms: Public Service Platform for International S&T Exchange; Public Service Platform for S&T Achievements Transformation

Service “Three” Strategies: S&T Cooperation and Exchange with Taiwan; International S&T Innovative Cooperation under “One Belt and One Road Initiative”; South-south Cooperation in S&T Filed

Our missions

Foreign affairs in S&T field

Organize international S&T study tour, workshop

Organize exchange activity for S&T talents

Provide translation service

Provide consultation and guidance about S&T policies and foreign affairs

Study on policies of different countries

International Technology Transfer

Undertake S&T Diplomats’ Service in Fujian

Organize national and international exhibitions of S&T achievements

Organize national and international S&T meetings and seminars

Carry out national and international service of S&T introduction and industrialization

Carry out promotion service of S&T in Fujian Province

Building and operating the Fujian Provincial External Technology Transfer Service System

S&T Innovation of Enterprises

Implement the mission of Maritime Silk Route International S&T Innovation and Cooperation in Fujian Province

Implement the activities of South-south Cooperation in S&T Filed in Fujian Province 

Implement the S&T projects of United Nations Agencies

Implement the S&T workshops for the developing countries under Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China

Organize the activities of innovative venture startup for overseas S&T talents

■ Address: 7 Hudong Road, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China Postcode: 350003

   Tel: 0591—87834529、87871764、87871774

   Fax: 0591—87859586

   Contact person:Yao Zihui


   Website: http://www.fjkjjl.com

South-South Cooperation Seminar on Industrial Development of Edible and Medicinal Fungi

The South-South Cooperation Seminar on Industrial Development of Edible and Medicinal Fungi was held in Fuzhou On 3rd Dec. 2014, sponsored by the United Nations Center for South-South Global Development and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) China South-South Industrial Cooperation Center and undertaken by Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Exchange Center with Foreign Countries (FSTEC). With the theme as “Promote South-South Cooperation on Edible and Medicinal Fungi Industry and Initiate New Pattern for South-South Cooperation”, the topics were on the exploration of the existing situation and demand, the content, way and pattern of cooperation, demonstration and promotion of industrial development of edible and medicinal fungi in the developing countries.

Through this seminar, the attended enterprises were exposed to a higher external cooperation platform and abundant policies for external investment, which improved their willingness for external cooperation. The seminar had promoted the gathering of relevant resources of edible and medicinal fungi industry, which was beneficial to the cooperative and concerted work of different departments for South-South Cooperation on edible and medicinal fungi industry.




Demonstration of Agro-industry Innovation through Science and Technology in Fujian Province

The project is jointly implemented by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Exchange Center with Foreign Countries (FSTEC), undertaken by the three enterprises including Fujian Xianzhilou Biological Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Shenliu Health Food Co., Ltd., and Fujian Shenghe Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. through the organization by FSTEC, with inputs of 500,000 USD and implementation period of three years. 

The project aims to provide support on introduction of experts, technology training and other activities for the leading agricultural enterprises in Fujian Province to improve their products quality, R&D capability and management level by utilizing the technology resource of UNIDO. Through the establishment of demonstration bases in leading agricultural enterprises, promote the results of technology innovation of relevant industries to drive the development of industrial chains of Fujian Ling-Zhi, spirulina and cash crops of saline land.

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