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Lancang-Mekong Sub-regional Economic Cooperation and Trade Development Center

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Lancang-Mekong Sub-regional Economic Cooperation & Trade Development Center(LMEC),one of the institutions under the Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province, was established in April 1997 with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and Yunnan Provincial People’s government. LMEC’s mission is to promote the sub-regional cooperation in trade and investment, and realize the mutual prosperity and development of all Lancang-Mekong countries and the sub-region. 

■ Address:Office No.1301, Foreign trading building, No.175, Beijing Road, Kunming, Yunnan Province




Enhancing China-ASEAN Economic Integration: Cross-border Economic Zones at the China-Vietnam Border 


The CBEZ is located at the border area of both sides of China and Vietnam. It’s enclosed by fences and linked through trans-border vehicles. It includes a 2.85 square kilometers international port of Hekou County, Honghe Prefecture of China and a 2.5 square kilometers commercial zone of Laocai City, Laocai Province of Vietnam. The two areas is separated by Honghe River and linked by 3 bridges. 


The core area is functioned as tariff-free zone and special port. The policies are integrated here. It’s an international cooperation platform for promoting trade and investment between China and Vietnam into standardization, scale-going, marketization and internationalization. 


The core area is supervised by customs of both countries.  Based on one-stop-clearance, both countries stand down their border inspection agencies to the entrance/exit of the zone. The policy could be illustrated as open the first line, manage the second line, free the zone and tax-refundable. Management Committees consisted by transport, custom, public security, border check, inspection/quarantine, port administration, and commerce department are set up separately at Jingcheng, Laocai and Beishan, Hekou. Regular meetings are arranged between two committees to coordinate and settle disputes. 

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