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CHEN Jianguo

CHEN Jianguo


Birth Date:1963-06

Educational Background:Postgraduate

Employer:Institute of International Economics, Nankai University


Academic Title:Professor


Educational Experience

1982-1986 Department of Management, Nankai Univ. Bachelor of Administration

1986-1989 Institute of International Economics, Nankai Univ. Master of Economics

1991-1994 Institute of International Economics, Nankai Univ. Phd in  Economics

work Experience

1989- now Institute of International Economics, Nankai Univ.

Research Field

International Trade: Theory and Policy; Trade and Environment

Qualification Introduction

master degree or above, minimum 15 years of relevant experience at the national and/or international leve

Academic Achievements

Trade and Environment, Tianjin Renmin Press, 2001

New Topics in WTO and Multilateral Trade Regime, Tianjin Univ. Press 2003

“Financing Constrain, Finance Maketization and Value-added Rate of Manufacture Exports”, Finance Studies, 2020.04

“How Financing Constrain affects the Rate of Value-added of China’s Manufacture Exports” International Trade Issues, 2019.12

“Labor Standards and Exports of Higher-intensive of Labor and Technology”, Studies of World Economy, 2017.10

“R&D Investment threshold, FDI and China’s Invention Capacity”, International Trade Issues, 2014.08