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CAO Zhibin

CAO Zhibin


Birth Date:1984-09

Educational Background:Ph.D,

Employer:Jiangxi Super-rice Research and Development Center, Jiangxi Academy of Agriculture Science

Position:Head of the agronomy department

Academic Title:Associate professor


Educational Experience

2007– 2013 Nanjing Agriculture University  Ph.D, Plant Breeding and Genetics

2003 – 2007 Jiangxi Agriculture University Bachelor, Agronomy

work Experience
Jiangxi Super-rice Research and Development Center, Jiangxi Academy of Agriculture Science

Activities included developing restoring lines from diversified crosses and populations, screening and improving restoring lines under drought stress, improving adaptability of exotic germplasm, and improving populations by using recurrent selection methods. Main projects participated included: classification of germplasm into heterotic groups; rice  breeding for higher grain quality, high yield, multiple disease resistance.

Research Field
Engaged in the breeding and popularization of new rice varieties.
Qualification Introduction
master degree or above, minimum 10 years of relevant experience at the national and/or international level
Academic Achievements
Breeding new super hybrid rice varieties Tengliangyou,Yuxiangzhan and Huiliangyou 280