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CHEN Mingliang

CHEN Mingliang


Birth Date:1982-02

Educational Background:Doctor

Employer:Rice Research Institute, Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Position:Associate research fellow

Academic Title:Associate research fellow


Educational Experience
1999/09-2003/06 School of biology, China Agricultural University, Biological science, Bachelor

2003/09-2009/06 School of biology, China Agricultural University, Biochemistry and molecular biology, Doctor

work Experience
2009/07- Rice Research Institute, Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, rice genetic breeding

2009/08-2012/06 China National Rice Research Institute, Crop science, Postdoctor

Research Field
Rice genetic breeding
Qualification Introduction

master degree or above, minimum 10 years of relevant experience at the national and/or international leve

Academic Achievements
1、The Wild Abortive type three line CMS line "gan73A" was bred and approved in 2018 (Ganshendao20180059). The male sterile line has strong stem, large panicle, heavy 1000-Grain weight, good combining ability, good rice quality and strong resistance to rice blast. By 2020, 6 hybrid combinations have been approved, covering 14 provinces in southern China.


2、The single season fragrant rice line "929" was bred, which has good plant type, vigorous growth, strong tillering ability, large panicle, high seed setting rate, good color change at maturity, and rice quality up to GB grade 3, with yield of 7.5-9.0t/ha. The line was approved in Ghana in 2020.