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Birth Date:1986-08

Educational Background:PH.D.

Employer:Institute of Vegetable and Flower, Jiangxi Acadmy of Agricultural Sciences

Position:Research assistant

Academic Title:Research assistant


Educational Experience
2011/09–2014/07,Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, doctor

2009/09–2011/07,Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, master

2005/09–2009/07,Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, bechelor

work Experience
2014/07-Now,Institute of Vegetable and Flower, Jiangxi Acadmy of Agricultural Sciences
Research Field
Cultivation and breeding of cucurbit vegetables
Qualification Introduction
master degree or above, minimum 10 years of relevant experience at the national and/or international level
Academic Achievements
1、Guan F, Zhang J Y, Shi B, Wan X J. Resistance identification to Fusarium wilt and difference in physiological response under stress of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp, momordicae in bitter gourd. Plant Physiology Journal, 2019,55(10):1481-1488

2、Guan F, Zhang J Y, Shi B, Wan X J. Investigation, collection of vegetable germplasm resources and excellent resources discovery in Jiangxi. Journal of Plant Genetic Resources, 2021,22(2):390-398

3、Guan F, Wan X J ,Zhang J Y, Shi B. Isolation and identification of pathogen causing Fusarium wilt and disease resistance evaluation of bitter gourd in Jiangxi. Acta Agriculturae Universitatis Jiangxiensis,2017(3): 476-484

4、Guan F, Zhang F L, Hao L Z. Antioxidant activity of total spanion of Allium macrostemon. Plant Physiology Journal,2014,50(4):382-388