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Birth Date:1985-01

Educational Background:Ph.D.

Employer:Rice Research Institute of Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Position:assistant research professor

Academic Title:assistant research professor


Educational Experience
September 2004 to June 2008, Regular college programme, studied at the agricultural resources and environment of Jiangxi Agricultural University, Major in agricultural resources and environment;

September 2008 to December 2014, master and doctor programme, studied at the School of Agricultural Sciences of Jiangxi Agricultural University, Major in crop cultivation and geoponics.

work Experience
January 2015 to present,works in Rice Research Institute of Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
Research Field
Crop cultivation and geoponics, Cultivation and physiology of rice, Simplified cultivation and mechanized production of rice,  Cultivation of high quality rice
Qualification Introduction
master degree or above, minimum 10 years of relevant experience at the national and/or international level
Academic Achievements
Took part in nine national, ministerial and provincial research projects, such as National Grain High-yield Science and Technology Engineering and Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Equipment Project, Nanchang Comprehensive Experimental Station of National Rice Industrial Technology System, Rice Industry System in Jiangxi Province and Jiangxi Provincial Cooperative Extension of Quality Rice. Published 11 academic papers. Issued  4 local standards. Won five rewards, such as First Prize of National Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Harvest Award, Third Prize of Jiangxi Science and Technology Progress Award, First Prize of Jiangxi Province agriculture, animal husbandry and Fishery Improvement Award. Granted one national invention patent.