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HE Jing

HE Jing


Birth Date:1985-07

Educational Background:PhD

Employer:China University of Geosciences, Wuhan

Position:Associate Professor

Academic Title:Associate Professor


Educational Experience
2010.09-2015.04, University of Grenoble Alpes, France,  Doctoral School Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences (ED STEP), Ph.D. in Environmental Geochemistry;

2008.08-2010.07 Wuhan University, Department of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Master-PhD program in Environmental Science;

2003.09-2007.07 China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), School of Materials and Chemistry, Bachelor of Materials Chemistry.

work Experience
2018.01-now China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), School of Environmental Studies, Associate Professor;

2015.03-2017.12 University of Tuebingen, Department of Geosciences, Center for Applied Geoscience Geomicrobiology Group, Postdoc

Research Field
Water, Soil and Solid Waste Remediation;

Synthesis and application of nanocomposite materials;

Recycling of solid waste;

Biogeochemistry of emerging pollutants in the environment

Qualification Introduction
master degree or above, minimum 10 years of relevant experience at the national and/or international level;
Academic Achievements
Darder, M., He, J., Charlet, L., Ruiz-Hitzky, E. and Aranda, A. 2021. Gentamicin-montmorillonite intercalation compounds as an active component of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose  bionanocomposite films with antimicrobial properties. Clays and Clay Minerals (in press).

Xing, Y., Yan, Z., Li, Y., Teka, T., Pan, G., Dou, Z., Gao, X., He, J.* and Han, L.* 2021. An effective strategy for distinguishing the processing degree of Polygonum multiflorum based on the analysis of substance and taste by LC-MS, ICP-OES and electronic tongue. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 205, 114328.

Abramov, S.1, He, J.1,*, Wimmer, D., Lemloh, M.L., Muehe, E.M., Gann, B., Roehm, E., Kirchhof, R., Babechuk, M., Schoenberg, R., Thorwarth, H., Helle, T., Kappler, A., 2018. Heavy metal mobility and valuable contents of processed municipal solid waste

incineration residues from Southwestern Germany. 2018. Waste Management 79, 735-743.

He, J. and Kappler, A. 2017. Recovery of precious metals from waste streams. Microbial Biotechnology 10(5) 1194-1198.

He, J., Bardelli, F., Gehin, A., Silvester, E. and Charlet, L., 2016. Novel chitosan goethite bionanocomposite beads for arsenic

remediation. Water Research 101, 1-9.

Muehe, E.M., Schmidt, C., He, J., Helle, T. and Kappler, A., 2015. Microbially Supported Recovery of Precious Metals and Rare Earth Elements from Urban Household Waste Incineration Slag. In Advanced Materials Research (Vol. 1130, pp. 652-655). Trans Tech Publications.

He, J. and Charlet, L., 2013. A review of arsenic presence in China drinking water. Journal of Hydrology 492(7), 79-88.

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