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CHEN Guiyun

CHEN Guiyun


Birth Date:1969-01

Educational Background:Bachelor (MBA)

Employer:Fujian Provincial United Nations SSC Network Demonstration Base


Academic Title:Senior Engineer


Educational Experience

Sept. 1986—June 1990, Beijing University of Agriculture (China Agriculture University), major in Agricultural Microbiology

Sept. 2007—June 2014,  Xiamen University, MBA

work Experience


Director of Fujian Provincial United Nations SSC Network Demonstration Base (Fujian Cross-Straits Center of Technology Transfer ), presides over technology transfer and South-South cooperation.



Concurrently serving as the head of the general department, assistant to the chairman, and general manager, responsible for technology  development and international market promotion of  Fujian Kerui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,



Successively serving as deputy chief of scientific research section, chief of personnel section, office director, assistant director, deputy director, legal representative, and responsible for personnel, foreign affairs and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of  Fujian Institute of Microbiology, 

Research Field

Technology transfer and South-South cooperation; Pharmaceutical enterprise management; Technology management;

Qualification Introduction

master degree or above, minimum 15 years of relevant experience at the national and/or international level;

Academic Achievements

Chen Guiyun has long-time been engaged in the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, organized the industrialization of a number of new drug scientific research results and international market promotion, and many of the company’s products have obtained the National Pharmaceutical Production Quality Management Certification (GMP) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification. Currently Chen Guiyun is committed to building a public service platform for the transformation of scientific, technological achievements and technology transfer, organizing technology transaction docking activities, cultivating technology transfer institutions and technology transfer talents in Fujian Province, and carrying out foreign aid technology cultivation to promote technology transfer and South-South cooperation.