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DENG Liangwei

DENG Liangwei


Birth Date:1966-04

Educational Background:PhD

Employer:Biogas Institute of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. P.R.China

Position:General Engineer

Academic Title:Professor Level II


Educational Experience

1983.9-1987.10 Sichuan Agricultural University, bachelor's degree in soil and agricultural chemistry

1993.9-1996.7 Nanjing University, master's degree in environmental biology

2004.3-2007.3 PhD. In environmental engineering, Zhejiang University

work Experience

1987.10-1993.8 Environmental monitoring at the Environmental Monitoring Station of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Anyue County, Sichuan Province.

1996.07-present, BIOMA

Research Field

Agricultural waste disposal and utilization

Qualification Introduction

master degree or above, minimum 15 years of relevant experience at the national and/or international level;

Academic Achievements

Presided over 20 national and provincial research projects. Designed and commissioned more than 30 biogas / wastewater treatment projects. Published more than 140 academic papers in international or domestic journals, and 4 technical books. Owns 9 patents. Obtained 1 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and 2 Sichuan province Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. Developed process of “anaerobic- adding raw wastewater-intermittent aeration (Anarwia)”, Developed a method of simultaneous hydrogen sulfide removal from biogas and nitrogen removal from swine wastewater. Resolved problems in animal wastewater treatment.