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Introduction of the Member Institution——Wuhan International Culture Exchange Center

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Wuhan International Culture Exchange Center is a public institution founded as approved by Wuhan Municipal People’s Government and under the charge of the General Office of Wuhan Municipal People’s Government. Its duties include communicating with and organizing the celebrities in the fields of intelligentsia, culture, science & technology and economy, conducting domestic and international exchanges as well as enhancing the mutual understanding and amicable cooperation between the people of Wuhan and their counterparts in other countries around the world and other regions around China, so as to facilitate the economic development, technical progress and cultural prosperity of Wuhan, boost the opening-up of Wuhan Municipality and improve its popularity and reputation.

Wuhan International Culture Exchange Center boasts a wide range of exchanges in the fields such as culture, arts, science & technology, economy, academics, education, sports, journalism, publishing as well as ethnic and religious affairs. And its diverse forms of exchanges include art performance & exhibition, international conference & academic seminar as well as visit, interview, forum and lecture.

Address: No.45, Dongting Street, Jiang'an District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Tel: +86 27 85655811

Fax: +86 27 85655812

Contact: Hu Jian 

Email: 516067669@qq.com

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