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The Eighth FOCAC Ministerial Conference Achieves a Full Success

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From November 29 to 30, 2021 local time, the Eighth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was held in Dakar. The conference was co-chaired by State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao, Senegalese Foreign Minister Aissata Tall Sall, and Senegalese Minister of Economy, Planning and International Cooperation Amadou Hott.

Wang Yi said, despite the impact of COVID-19, China and the African side overcame the difficulties to hold the conference on schedule, had a practical and efficient discussion on the theme of the conference and reached an extensive consensus. The conference has achieved a full success.

Wang Yi said, at the meeting, we reviewed the development of China-Africa relations and the outcomes of fighting COVID-19 with China-Africa solidarity since the FOCAC Beijing Summit, considered the implementation of the eight major initiatives of FOCAC Beijing Summit, adopted a series of outcome documents that numbered more than any of the previous conferences. This has fully embodied the high quality and high level of China-Africa cooperation, demonstrated China and the African side's resolute determination to jointly pursue development, face challenges and share opportunities in the new era.

Wang Yi said, we have unanimously decided to keep advancing anti-pandemic cooperation. President Xi announced at the opening ceremony that China will provide another one billion doses of vaccines to Africa, which was highly hailed and warmly received by African leaders and colleagues. China will fully implement the solemn pledge by President Xi Jinping, continue to support vaccines IPR exemption, help Africa improve its capacity of local production of vaccines, bridge the immunization gap as soon as possible and provide strong support to Africa to triumph over the pandemic.

Wang Yi said, we had an in-depth discussion on the international situation, global governance and other major issues, and agreed that we should advance true multilateralism, staunchly uphold the international system with the United Nations at its core and the international order based on international law, firmly safeguard the sovereignty, security and development interests of China and African countries, and uphold the common interests of developing countries. We should increase the representation and say of the vast number of developing countries, including African countries, on the international stage, and work together to build a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, equity and justice and win-win cooperation.

Wang Yi stressed that China-African cooperation continued to improve despite adversity, demonstrating strong tenacity and potential. We should take the opportunity of the implementation of the outcomes of this conference and better benefit the Chinese and African people.

First, both sides should march on the journey towards building a China-Africa community with a shared future in the new era. Both sides should firmly step on the development paths that suit their national conditions, enhance dialogue and communication on governance and administration of state affairs, firmly grasp their own destiny, and resolutely support each other's efforts in safeguarding state sovereignty, security and development interests. The two sides should also deeply align China-Africa Belt and Road cooperation and the Global Development Initiative with the African Union's Agenda 2063, the development of the African Continental Free Trade Area and the development strategies of African countries.

Second, both sides should usher in a new chapter of upgrading and higher-quality China-Africa cooperation. The two sides should stick to the spirit of the forum featuring extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, work together to implement the nine programs, and transform and upgrade China-Africa cooperation in such fields as health, people's well-being, green development, digital economy and capacity building, so as to make greater contributions to the post-pandemic economic recovery and sustainable development of Africa. China will always be Africa's most bona fide and reliable cooperative partner, and will increase rather than reduce its investment in Africa.

Third, both sides should maintain the traditional friendship and pass it on from generation to generation. Both sides should carry forward the spirit of China-Africa friendship and cooperation, tell good African stories in China and vice versa, and act as contributors and guardians of China-Africa friendship. The two sides should strengthen communication between youth and women, give more care and protection to their respective overseas nationals, and foster more forces that are adept in China-Africa relations, support China-Africa cooperation and care about China-Africa friendship, so as to make China-Africa friendship nurtured by the elder generation ever-blooming.

Fourth, both sides should safeguard true multilateralism, international fairness and justice. The two sides should uphold the just appeals of China, Africa and vast developing countries, and promote fairer and more reasonable international order. China is willing to work with the African side to bring more countries and international organizations into the Global Development Initiative and the Initiative on Partnership for Africa's Development, so as to form a strong synergy in favor of the development of Africa.

The 53 African countries' foreign ministers or representatives, ministers of economy and trade and ministers of finance attended the conference. All participants extended congratulations on the grand and successful convening of the conference and spoke highly of President Xi Jinping's announcement of new and significant measures to the cooperation with Africa and fruitful achievements of Africa-China cooperation under the forum's framework. They stated that China has become an indispensable partner in Africa's development, and the forum has become the most important accelerator for Africa-China cooperation. Africa supports and will actively participate in the Global Development Initiative and the Initiative on Partnership for Africa's Development. Africa expects greater supports from China to its industrialization and fight against the pandemic. Africa stands ready to contribute to high-quality Belt and Road cooperation for people's well-being and common prosperity.

The conference adopted the Dakar Declaration, the Dakar Plan of Action (2022-2024), the Declaration on China-Africa Cooperation on Climate Change, and the 2035 Vision for China-Africa Cooperation.

Wang Yi and Aissata received journalists after the conference concluded.

At the conference, Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao reported the implementation of the eight major initiatives proposed at the Beijing Summit and briefed on the 2035 Vision for China-Africa Cooperation.

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