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III.A prosperous and beautiful world is the common aspiration of all peoples


The world is undergoing the greatest changes in a century

(1)Humanity has made remarkable progress over the past century.

(2)Change brings opportunities.

China and other emerging is fundamentally altering the international structures of power (see Figure 2).


(3)Change brings risks and challenges.

The world economy is facing mounting downward pressure. Using the historic opportunities and working together, humanity can achieve further progress in the century to come.

2.Building a global community of shared future

(1)The proposal aims to solve the practical issues facing the world today and realize the peaceful and sustainable development of humanity.

(2)The proposal is a well-rounded, systematic proposal in terms of politics, security, economy, culture, ecology.

(3)The path is arduous and tortuous, but  it is the trend of history and the goal of human civilization.


3.Building a new model of international relations

(1)All countries should observe the rules, enhance trust, and maintain order while building a new model of international relations.

(2)It should be built on the principles of mutual respect, equity and justice, and mutually beneficial cooperation.

(3)Major countries are an important force for safeguarding world peace and stability, and key actors in building a new model of international relations.

4.Promoting a new model of economic globalization

(1)Economic globalization has made an important contribution to world but also caused problems and setbacks, such as the division between the rich and poor.

(2)A new model of economic globalization should uphold the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits and realize democracy, equality, fairness and equity.

(3)All countries should join together in building a new framework for global governance with the vision of a global community of shared future.

5.Upholding the international system with the UN at its core

(1)Upholding the authority and role of the UN is key to protecting the common interests of the international community and the legitimate interests of individual countries.

(2)The multilateral trading system with the WTO at its core is the cornerstone of international trade.

6.Promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations

(1)Further human development entails stronger exchanges and mutual learning among cultures and deeper mutual understanding among different peoples.

(2)Human civilization should be open and inclusive, and based on equality and diversity.

(3)Exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations should be strengthened.

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