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Study Center on South-South Cooperation, NanKai University

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The Study Center on South-South Cooperation, Nankai University, was established in 2009, which is an earliest-setup special research institute in China’s academic circle on SSC. Now there are about 20 international and domestic researchers, professors, and experts working for the center. Mr. Ronglin Li, professor of Institute of International Economics, is in charge of the center as director. The main tasks of the center are to provide intellectual supports and policy suggestions for international organizations, domestic governmental departments and enterprises on SSC between China and other developing countries by taking the advantages of strong disciplines at Nankai University especially International Trade, World Economy, Finance and Developing Economics.

The center’s studies focus on seven issues on SSC between China and other developing countries such as bilateral trade and investment, foreign aid, experience sharing, financial cooperation, climate change, poverty reduction, and energy. It has carried out a variety of deep studies on economic cooperation between China and other developing countries regarding to government practice in SSC with developing countries. By now, we have accomplished over 40 international and domestic research projects and reports, published 9 books and about 50 papers. Under the great support of United Nation Office on South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), China International Center on Economic and Technical Exchange (CICETE), ActionAid International and Nankai University, we have compiled and published the China Development Report on SSC since 2013 filling a vacancy in domestic research as an annual report.  

As a member of China SSC Network, the center is willing to enhance the cooperation with other members to work together and contribute to SSC. 

■ Address: 94 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin 300071, China



   Mobile Phone18622531197


The most important project carried out by Study Center on SSC Nankai University is to compile and publish the China Development Report on SSC, which is one of the important UN Project’s outcomes of China South-South Development Center coordinated by United Nation Office on South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) and implemented by China International Center on Economic and technical Exchange (CICETE), Ministry of Commerce. The report is an annual national bilingual report on SSC published separately in Chinese and English. Four reports have been issued since the first report was released in 2014 focusing respectively on the bilateral trade and investment relations and foreign aid between China and other developing countries as well as China-Africa economic relations. The reports provide overall and comprehensive empirical evidence and their impacts based upon statistical analysis, which are important references to know about China’s achievement in SSC. In UN SSC Expo held in 2014 in Washington, United States, the first report was announced with a introduction brochure of executive summery in English, French and Spanish by UNOSSC, resulted in broad influence in international context. 



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